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Interior and Exterior Painting

Empire Painting of San Jose, California, offers professional quality service on interior and exterior painting.


The foreman determined the steps that need to be done and organizes the job accordingly. Areas are prepared for painting services.

Pressure Wash

Remove ordinary dirt, cobwebs, spiders, bird nests, and more under eaves

Touch Ups

Old nails and such are removed and holes filled. All loose, peeling, flaking, chipping paint is removed from fascias. Spot prime any bare wood.

Wood Surfaces

All wood surfaces are cleaned, sanded thoroughly, and spot primed as needed.


All entrance doors are fully sanded and spot primed. Garage doors are fully sanded, holes patched and bare wood primed.


Caulk cracks around casings, windows and doors.

Plastic Covering

Cover plants with drop clothes; Plastic covering on delicate plants.

Sand Gutters

Gutters in good condition are sanded to "etch" the surface insuring the paint will adhere and bond to the surface.


Gutters and downspouts are scraped of loose paint and spot prime. Some houses require more stripping and scraping than others. Complete stripping is subject to additional charge.

Remove Mildew

Homes with excessive mold or mildew present may result in an additional charge for removal.

Holes or Cracks

All significant holes or cracks are filled in stucco walls with a suitable patching compound. Empire will fill holes and cracks NOT requiring a sub-contractor.

Stucco Walls

When stucco walls or the foundation is to be painted, dirt is removed several inches below the dirt line, and the wall brushed clean.


Remove and replace house numbers, mailboxes, lights, etc. Mask window and door openings, and concrete, to avoid overspray and paint splatter.

Exterior Painting

Spot Prime

Check for rust. Prepare and spot prime. Check for water damage or leakage. Seal stains to prevent bleed through to final coat.

Pruning of Brush

It is preferred this step be done by the home owner. Extensive pruning of some shrubs may be required to facilitate painting.

Determine Coverage

Verify the type of paint used previously to determine the best type of paint and primers to be used for maximum adhesion. Oil-to-Latex conversions require an additional charge.

Verify Paint Colors

Confirm paint colors with home owner. Remove cars, boats, lawn furniture, or covers.